what do you really want?

What do you really want?

More than anything else. More than you ever thought possible.

Every wish you wish.

Every want you want.

Every desire you desire.

Every yearning you yearn.

To lose weight, to be fit, strong and lean.

To have a successful business, to make lots of money, have financial freedom.

To buy THAT course, hire that coach, that mentor, the one that will uplevel your business and your life.

To find your Soul Mate, your twin flame, the one that will love you unconditionally, cherish and adore you.

Every single one comes back to how you think you will feel once you have it.

You THINK you’ll feel more confident, sexier, attractive once you lose the weight. Once you’re fit, lean and strong.

You THINK you’ll be good enough, deserving, worthy once your business is earning a million dollars.

You HOPE that this course, this coach, this mentor will validate you and your ideas, will give you the answers so you can finally feel accomplished, successful and enough.

You THINK you’ll belong, feel nurtured, safe and loved once you find your one true love and you hope with every cell in your being that you’ll finally get your “happily ever after.”

What you really want is to FEEL a certain way.

You want to FEEL confident, sexy, attractive.

You want to FEEL deserving, worthy, good enough.

You want to FEEL loved, cherished, like you belong.

Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go after everything you want.

I KNOW you should pursue what you want.

I KNOW the power in choosing what you want and committing to it.

I know the sense of pure joy when we are in our flow and doing what turns us on, lights us up AND gives us what we desire.

What I am saying is that knowing HOW you want to FEEL means you get to choose to feel that way right now.

Right now.

In this moment.

You can choose to feel it, right now.

I know a lot of people will tell you that if you choose to feel that way you’ll lose motivation, you’ll just sit around doing nothing all day, that you’ll waste the time you could be using to actually reach those goals I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound like much fun either.

Or true.

If we feel attractive, and sexy, if we feel fit, strong and lean then we will act like attractive, sexy, fit, strong and lean people. We’ll eat the way they do, we’ll move the way they do, we’ll look after our bodies the way they do.

If we feel deserving, worthy and successful in our businesses, in our jobs then we’ll act that way. We’ll know the difference we make and we will share our message, our purpose, our mission with the world because we KNOW that to not share it is to do those who need it a disservice. We will gladly charge what we charge because we know the value we provide.

If we feel loved and cherished, if we know that we can always count on ourselves, that we love ourselves the way the Universe/Creator loves us, then we are already complete, we already know that we belong and THAT, that is a beautiful quality that emanates from our very being and that more than anything else will assure us of wonderful relationships.

So let's get you what it is you really want right now, rather than waiting.

How do you want to feel?