tip of the day

Be kind.

It doesn’t cost you anything and it makes a big difference.

This one is for all of life, not just business AND it must begin with YOU!

So many times we talk about hindsight, how about looking at KINDsight? Remembering that we were always doing the best that we could at the time we did what we did with the information we had back then.

Once you can be kind to yourself, it’s so much easier to be kind to others.

Once you can see that you were doing the best you can then you can see others are too.

My man always says, “If you could have done better you would have.” (Well not always but you get the idea. And yes, he’s a keeper 💕) And he’s right. It took me a long time to agree, and now I have I treat myself so much nicer, kinder, with more love and generosity. The way I would treat my best friend in fact.

Kindness can be something small like smiling at a stranger, or something bigger that requires more of an investment of time on your part. Either way, it’s the energy behind it that makes all the difference.

That’s my tip.

Be kind, to you, to everyone. We are all doing the best we can in each and every moment with the information and knowledge we have.

How can you be kinder today?