could you be loved?

Can you remember all the times you’ve sabotaged yourself? I know that even now, after all these years I am almost constantly sabotaging myself in one form or another. Sometimes in HUGE ways, most of the time in the teeny tiny ways that are easier to excuse (and pretend aren’t actually sabotage)

Procrastinating when I know the rewards of getting the job done. Not doing what I know will bring me what I want quicker and with more ease and joy. Eating something that I know my body doesn’t like. Ignoring simple self-care rituals in place of being “busy”. Wasting time on a seemingly important piece of work, ignoring my Soul’s work. Watching too much t.v. rather than connecting with my man.

The thing is, that no matter how much I try to sabotage myself, no matter how much I try to fail in my life, my aspirations, my dreams (and trust me, when I was younger I was the absolute Queen, King, Ruler-of-the-world at this game) the Universe/Creator/Gods simply will not let it happen.

There seems to be a limit on just how far I’m allowed to go before it steps in and embraces me in it’s arms and takes over. A limit in how far it will let me fall.

That’s how much the Universe loves me.

That’s how much the Universe loves you.

That’s how much the Universe loves us all.

So imagine what it would be like if we actually decided to co-create WITH the Universe. Imagine how amazing our lives, this world would be if we all were open to accept and receive the love and assistance from the Universe/Creator/Gods. Imagine the joy, ease and flow we would be in.

My message, purpose, mission is to teach, inspire and empower women all over the world to know, love and adore themselves, to create and live the life of their dreams and to know without a doubt that the world needs them.

What would you do? How would you be living? What would you create?