it all matters

What no-one tells you is that it's not just the choices you make in what you eat that affects every area of your life, it's EVERYTHING we put into our system, into our environment, everything in our space.

What you eat is vitally important for vibrant health, and we know that our health will have an effect on every area of our lives. We’ve all experienced the struggle in our work when we’ve had a headache, in our relationships when we’ve had a cold (hard to feel sexy when your sniffling and coughing).

What you may be less aware of though is how who you surround yourself with, what you read in the paper, on your newsfeed, what you watch in tv affects you too.

Just like if we fill our bodies with junk food, processed food, food-like substances our bodies will feel sluggish and tired, when we fill our mind with negativity, drama and rubbish our minds become foggy, cluttered and unable to function at their best.

When we surround ourselves with negative people, people who try to keep us small, people who want us to contract rather than expand, well I'm sure you're seeing the pattern now - how do you think those people affect our health? Our wellbeing? Our business? Our finances?

And what do you think would happen if we not only ate the freshest, most vibrant fruit and vegetables AND spent our time with positive people, people with high vibrations, people who also know they have a message, a purpose, a mission that they NEED to share with the world?