Clearing your energetic (and actual) space I am a naturally clean person, I like to clean and disinfect my bathroom, toilet, shower EVERY day. Ideally I like to vacuum and mop daily too - these days it’s probably only 2-3 times a week though. I just like things clean.

Tidying though is not my thing. I’m happy to have piles of things lying around, more often than not when I go to bed I just drop my clothes on the floor not picking them up until the morning. My desk is only ever clear and uncluttered for the five minutes after I’ve wiped (yes and disinfected) it. You could most definitely see where I’ve been at home by following the trail of projects. My wardrobe while colour-coded can be a mist mash of folded and thrown (in the right colour piles).

And yet, I LOVE the feel of an uncluttered home. I love the feeling of being on holiday when everything is neat, tidy and clear because I pretty much only ever bring the basics. I went to the UK this year with only hand luggage and didn’t buy a single thing because I didn’t need anything. I love coming home and seeing a clear, spacious organised home.

And yet, I don’t always make the effort to keep it that way.

Energetically I can be the same way. I KNOW when a conversation has to be had to clear the thick stew of resentment/anger/guilt (insert any other word that’s appropriate) and yet I will happily ignore it until it can’t be ignored any more. I KNOW when I’m holding onto a grudge too long, and still I don’t let go. I KNOW when someone is simply draining too much energy and not giving back and more importantly have no intention of ever doing so, but still I hold onto the hope that things will change. Not always. Enough though to make a difference.

When we surround ourselves with clutter, physically and energetically it drains us, it slows us down and it blocks the flow of energy and love that’s trying it’s best to come through us.

When we do this, when we accept this, when we allow this then we’re too tired to do what we want, what’s important to us, what really matters.

What can we do?

Me? I can and I’m going to write a long overdue letter to someone I consider a wonderful, gorgeous, loving person and say, “No more.” Let’s not let this issue get in our way any longer. Whatever the outcome I know my energetic field will be cleared just by doing my part.

What will you do today to clear some of the clutter in your home or clear the energy around you?