I worked as a health coach for many years, and during this time it was so apparent to me that many of my clients were wanting to loose weight to ‘feel good’, however just dropping the weight wasn’t going to do it… the pleasure had to come from within.

I mentor and hold space for women, like you, to see just how beautiful you are and that you’re already more than enough. You deserve all the pleasure in the world and you can create this in all areas of your life.

How often is it, that one area of your life is amazing, and the other areas of your life feel like they are being dragged through mud or perhaps even non-existent?

It’s my role in this world to assist women to help them bring more pleasure into ALL areas of their life:

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Finances

… do you know why? Because it’s all connected.

The pleasure you find in your relationships will have a ripple effect on your career, health and finances, the pleasure you receive from feeling healthy and beautiful within yourself will effect your finances, relationships and career. When you are super in alignment and feel only pleasure about your career/purpose it will effect your finances, relationships and your health… do you see what I’m getting at here?

For most, pleasure is experienced in one or two areas of life and even then it can be short lived as self-sabotaging behaviour starts to kick in, I mean why should you have it all?… as soon as you start questioning yourself like this, what at first felt pleasurable can start to disappear.

Your world can be shifted to a whole new way of operating, just from you focusing on your pleasure levels in every areas of your life.

Chizelle is such a beautiful & intuitive Soul, who really has her heart devoted to helping women achieve & live their happiness. You will know this from when you first meet her. her coaching has helped me to clarify what I really wanted – from the heart, not just from a space of desiring superficial things. She helped me define my vision & purpose so I could get back on the right track to feeling inspired when I was feeling stuck in the daily grind. After each session Chizelle gave me a short list of actions to take and we created a follow up plan to help keep me accountable, more effective & inspired.

I highly recommend Chizelle’s coaching, and think I’m very luck to know her.

~ Bec

Ask yourself the question…

How am I feeling about all the above areas in my life?

What area have you been focusing all your attention on and is that working for you?

avalon-roundChizelle reflects back to me the ideas that bring my heart alive and the ones that feel heavy and like hard work.

Get support. I have a Fun Fairy, Chizelle, who is awesome. She is basically a business consultant/mentor/visioning buddy, and I share my ideas and plans with her, and get her feedback and guidance. She is intuitive and perceptive, and also aligned with living ‘outside the box’ and reflects back to me which ideas bring my heart alive and which ones feel heavy and like hard work. I mean, business does require a lot of time and energy, so you might as well put that time and energy into something that brings your heart alive so you can serve the world from an inspired place. ~ Avalon

Why Work With Me?

As a former health coach and health coach manager, I’m used to leading teams and getting results – for both my private clients and teams I’ve managed. I really enjoyed this work so much and helping people to succeed with their goals, however, I also realised I didn’t want to help people lose weight just for appearance’s sake… because it isn’t actually what makes women happy. I could see that there needed to be another element added to the mix to educate, inspire and empower women to love themselves so much, they can’t help but nurture themselves in ALL areas of their life.

Now, I help my clients achieve their goals and create more of what they want by having fun and focusing on their passions. I hold space for women like you to see just how beautiful you are – and that you’re already more than enough. I help you discover your “whys” and focus on how you want to feel first – so then everything you create is aligned with what you really want.

And most importantly – I want you to know that you don’t have to do it alone. We all need support! Surrounding yourself with people who see you, honour you, and celebrate you, is the key to creating more love, pleasure and FUNancial abundance.

I would LOVE to hear from you chizelle@chizelle.com