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Wednesday’s Wonderful Women – Banika Smee Owner / Designer of Witjuti Bamboo Clothing AND Also Co-founder / Director of Mum Entrepreneurs Pty Ltd

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I just love Wednesdays and being able to introduce you to such amazing women (and men).

Today I’m talking to the multi-talented Banika Smee :)


1. What made you decide to start your company?
After working since I left school and my last position in the workforce was an Operations Director of a Skincare company I realised I had the experience, motivation and passion to have my own business. When I wanted to start a family I also realised I wanted to still manage a company but knew I could not do it in the capacity of full time ( 60 hours a week ) outside of the home with a baby/kids.

2. What has been your biggest obstacle/challenge so far and how did you overcome it?
Funding has been the biggest obstacle starting out, not wanting to borrow money and trying to keep things up to date and with the current trends while only being a new business, so watching the cash flow daily is important, know you budget for the week, the month and think about every expenditure as if it is a big expense.

3. What motivates you?
Hearing great feedback or getting a call from a prospective client that has heard about my range, seen it, love it, makes me want to keep going.

4. If you were starting over what would you do differently?
Not much really, I am pretty happy with how it is all happening.

5. Why is “green” and “eco-friendly” so important to you?
The environment is having so many new things, chemicals, technology etc added to it everyday which half the time we really don’t need, and if you just go back to simple you will find that is all you need. I believe if we all just took one little change in our lives every so often in stead of taking one big change, you can make a difference to a lot! So ever purchase I make within my business I think how can I change this just little to be better for the environment and how can I help others realised that that one little thing they have supported, helps the whole environmental change.

6. What would you say your distinctive qualities are?
I have experience in many fields of work from warehousing, accounts, graphic design, office management, administration, so there are many things I can do within my business myself.

7. What five things could you not live without?
My family & friends around, my witjuti lounge pants, chocolate, wine and my iphone

8. What advice do you wish someone had given you?
To save your money from a young age!

9. What phrase or quote is your favourite and why?
I have so many but the best would “The only way to do great work, is to love what you do” by Steve Jobs. I keep doing what I do cause I love it and it brings joy to me, if it didn’t I wouldn’t want to keep at it.

10. What advice would you give to people to help them make green easy?
Just take it little step at a time with purchasing anything new just look at it a see if it is eco-friendly or sign up for eco-friendly company newsletters or blogs as they always have easy tips on being green.


Banika Smee

Banika Smee
Owner / Designer of Witjuti Bamboo Clothing
Also Co-founder / Director of Mum Entrepreneurs Pty Ltd

Bubbles of Love from me to you!


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