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Wednesday’s Wonderful Women – Amanda Albert Moore

1. What made you decide you needed to start blogging again?
A mixture of things. I recently got hired at a cafe/bakery (my wonderful full-time job) that inspired me to start a food blog. Now it works as a “things I appreciate and love blog” as well as a platform for me to help others. I really don’t like keeping within a single niche.

2. What has been your biggest obstacle/challenge in life so far and how did you overcome it?
I have thyroid disease. It makes some days incredibly painful. I get through it by paying really close to the signs my body gives me. I have to rest a lot, but that makes perfect writing time. We all have to try to make the best out of crappy situations.

3. What motivates you?
Reading what other people write. I love bloggers. Some say they are disconnected from the real world, but I believe our kind lives completely in the moment. We break communication barriers all the time, and its only getting better. I love that I can experience the lives of others from all over almost instantaniously. I think of all my favorite fellow bloggers as my friends.

4. If you could go back in time what would you say to 13 year old Amanda?
Learn to play an instrument. It gets so much harder when you are older.

5. What in your lifestyle is the most important to you?
Lots of free time for writing and researching. Without it I go crazy- absolutely nuts. I

6. What would you say your distinctive qualities are?
I love learning, I ask a lot of questions and look everything up when I can. This leads to me having A LOT of passions. I love it because it keeps life interesting. One day I will be reading through a stack of cook books researching new ingredients others I will be trying to learn a new language. I have a lot of fun with it.

7. What five things could you not live without?
My husband, my laptop, pen & paper, and my bed. I could live anywhere with these things.

8. What advice do you wish someone had given you?
I’m terrible at following advice! It’s silly really but I definitely life on my own terms. Recently my dad told me to never sell myself short though, and that meant a lot to me.

9. What phrase or quote is your favorite and why?
“Do yourself a favor, and become your own savior.” It’s by my favorite songwriter Daniel Johnston. Eventually I am going to tattoo it on my wrist. You can’t wait for someone to save you. No matter what you believe in, you have to be responsible for your own life.

I love that quote, don’t you?

In the comment box below I’d love to hear what you’d tell your 13 year old self :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Bubbles of Love from me to you!


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