You and Me

Are you:

An artist, a creative, a healer, yoga teacher, coach, spiritual leader?

Do you:

KNOW you’re here for so much more but can’t quite make money from your message?

Do you know:

That the mindset work, the inner work is just as, if not as important as the strategic work?

Are you ready to step up, show up and shine and start making a living through actually living your purpose?



Once or twice a year I do open up spaces for 1:1 mentoring.

How long is it?

This particular mentoring program runs for six months.

What will we focus on?

We will work together in every area of your life from work, money, relationships and your health and of course mindset. 

What do you get?

We will meet weekly/fortnightly as you require – YOU choose.

You will have unlimited FB messenger support between our meetings.

I will support you and share with you everything I know.

I can show you how to be crystal clear on what it is that you want so that you’re actually creating in alignment.

I can help you release limiting beliefs, blocks and self-sabotage.

Anything I create is yours for free while we are working together 1:1.

I will show up fully for you and I will expect the same from you.

THIS is a BIG commitment for both of us and if you’re reading this you’ve probably followed me for awhile, maybe not, maybe it’s just your soul telling you that we need to take this journey together.

If you are ready for this level of commitment and transformation then let’s go! I do need to let you know that while I will be there for you, while I will give you everything I have, support you fully and make it safe for you to get to whatever you need I CAN’T do the work for you. You need to do the work for you. I will do my part, trusting that you will do yours. 

DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee or warrant results or increased income. I don’t give refunds. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

Private Coaching with Chizelle Investment:

email: for more information


Chizelle is such a beautiful & intuitive Soul, who really has her heart devoted to helping women achieve & live their happiness. You will know this from when you first meet her. her coaching has helped me to clarify what I really wanted – from the heart, not just from a space of desiring superficial things. She helped me define my vision & purpose so I could get back on the right track to feeling inspired when I was feeling stuck in the daily grind. After each session Chizelle gave me a short list of actions to take and we created a follow up plan to help keep me accountable, more effective & inspired.

I highly recommend Chizelle’s coaching, and think I’m very luck to know her.

~ Bec

avalon-roundChizelle reflects back to me the ideas that bring my heart alive and the ones that feel heavy and like hard work.

Get support. I have a Fun Fairy, Chizelle, who is awesome. She is basically a business consultant/mentor/visioning buddy, and I share my ideas and plans with her, and get her feedback and guidance. She is intuitive and perceptive, and also aligned with living ‘outside the box’ and reflects back to me which ideas bring my heart alive and which ones feel heavy and like hard work. I mean, business does require a lot of time and energy, so you might as well put that time and energy into something that brings your heart alive so you can serve the world from an inspired place. ~ Avalon