You work hard in the life you’ve created.

It’s only sometimes, in the quiet moments,

that you can feel it.

Something’s  missing…

Your alarm goes off on your bedside table… You roll over & switch it off. You lay there for a moment, in silence, while you slowly open your eyes and listen to the voice in your head saying “Here we go again…”

What is today going to bring?

And you’re not asking this with excitement and joy.

You know you’re pretty happy with how things are going, but at the same time you feel…you’re not quite 100% certain just what it is – and you’re not sure how to fix it either. 

You can’t wait for the day to wake up feeling light… not faking it, but really feeling it. That real light happiness that everyone talks about.

Then you laugh to yourself as daydreaming is the closest thing you have to that right now. You look up at the ceiling and wonder what would happen if you could focus and only put energy into what you loved… instead of everything else like your to-do list, pleasing your boss, running your business, looking after the kids, keeping your man happy, making sure the dog is fed, remembering to call your girlfriends back and visiting your parents on the weekend.

You know it doesn’t have to be this way.

You know you’re here for more.

You know you have a purpose, a message, a MISSION that’s bigger than you.

You know you CAN and WILL create and live the life of your dreams.

You just don’t know when. Or how.

You just know you have to.

And that’s why I created this program. 

I created it for YOU.

I created this program because I believe that from an early age girls are taught to put everyone else first, to stay small, whether it be obviously or subtly.

We then grow up, and for most of us, we continue in this pattern putting everyone else’s needs before our own.

…and even worse, many women don’t even notice they’re doing it, as it has become second nature.

The Rise Up Program invites you to look within and discover and remind yourself what it is that makes us feel good, what it is that inspires you, what it is that brings YOU joy.

How else will you be able to live the life of your dreams if you don’t know what you want or how you want to feel…

How It Works & What You Receive…

Six weeks of Guided Inner Work

42 days, 42 questions

Find out what really matters to you

Remember how to trust your intuition

Embrace and celebrate who you are today

Learn what turns you on

See where you’ve been blocking yourself from receiving

Know your purpose

Discover how you want to be of service

Reconnect with your Soul

Rediscover yourself and what it is that truly brings YOU pleasure


This will be much more intense than it sounds, it will make you think, cry, laugh and realise just what it is that’s really important to YOU. It will prompt you to bring ritual and make time to focus on YOU and it will be the beginning of you creating and living a life that you deeply love.



I found this exercise of 42 questions very beneficial in many ways! I was also surprised and not so at what came up for me by simply reading the questions.

Emotions were triggered, I gained more clarity and insight and after perusing the questions a second time I have decided to do this again to see where I am right now.

I highly recommend and thank you Chizelle I found this to be a tool I can refer to when I am feeling a bit out of whack, overwhelmed or needing some clarity. 

~ Julie



marikowebsiteChizelle has a unique perspective on joy, and has a profound understanding of living for pleasure. All her questions are centered around fun – on the surface looks like a non-invasive question, but become more profound as you explore it in more detail. I enjoyed answering the daily questions and got to know myself a bit more.

~ Mariko