Finding Fun

Fun, much like love, happiness, joy, anger, frustration and disappointment is always a choice.I know for a fact that when I choose to have fun, then I am in the flow rather than resistance and I know where I’d much rather be.

  I can always choose what I want to experience and how I want to feel, and please know that I don’t always take the high road! 
A miscommunication, a less-than-enthusiastic response or a situation in where I feel obliged to do something (rather than seeing it as an opportunity to be of service) can make me turn faster than… well faster than a thing that turns fast.
Yet I know deep down that my happiness, my fun, my peace and my joy are 100% my responsibility and even if there are (many) times that I wish they weren’t and that there was someone else who’s mission in life was simply to make me happy I wouldn’t actually choose to have it any other way.
When I know and accept that it’s my responsibility, then I know I can always change. Whether it’s my attitude, my outlook or my expectation (by the way expectations will always cause less-than-ideal emotions to surface) it’s all up to me, and I can choose differently in an instant. I don’t need to wait for someone or something to change first. How fabulous is that!
What can you choose right now?

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