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Earth Diet Challenge Day 21 – Candice

Day 21 of our Earth Diet Challenge

The Earth Diet is a lifestyle that focuses on the abundance of what the earth naturally provides. This is the twenty-first day of The Earth Diet challenge: 365 Days sugar free, preservative free, MSG free, chemical free, GMO free,hormone free, artificial anything free.


Going out to dinner with friends and having to explain the why I have chosen to be more conscious of my eating habits.


Coming across an organic health food grocer just down the road from me.


Since I was about 16 I have been very conscious of my body. Or at least of what I considered the flaws in my body.
I considered myself overweight and fat and handled the uncomfortable feeling of that by consoling myself with food.
Comfort food of crisps, sweets and hot greasy meals.
Until eventually I stopped eating all together. And I lost a lot of weight very quickly.
Yet I still felt fat and awkward never thin enough never beautiful enough my main goal always being to lose a few more kilos. In a few more kilos I’ll be perfect.
But those kilos would slip away and that nagging insecurity would just grow.
I went from overindulging in food to completely withholding it as a punishment.
I have never had a healthy relationship with food I have used it and abused it as a source of immediate and superficial gratification, and in turn have neglected my body and my needs.
My first experience with being consciously aware of the impact of food on my body and soul was when I became a vegetarian and I began to appreciate how important it was to be educated and sincere in my food choices.
Going complete natural has been the next step and for the first time I’m enjoying food and I’m building a healthy relationship with it. Which in turn is teaching me how to accept myself.
My skin is glowing I’m full of energy and I’m happy.
Yes it can be difficult at times.
But it’s also rewarding and most of all it’s life changing. I’m transforming my perception of all aspects of life and its brighter and stronger than ever before.

What we ate on Day 21 of the Earth Diet


Apple (Candice)
Lots and lots of water and Green Smoothie (Chizelle)


Green Salad with Avocado (Candice)
Green Salad with Avocado and Almonds (Chizelle)


Brocolini with chilli garlic and almonds.Roasted eggplant and mushroom stack with pureed parsnip in french onion broth and basil (Candice)
Salad (Chizelle)

Snacks and Drinks:

Water, Soy Flat White/Latte, Raw Chocolate, Apple

Day 21 Green Smoothie 22/08/11

Day 21 Green Salad w/avocado and almonds 22/08/11

Day 21 Brocolini with chilli garlic and almonds 22/08/11

Day 21 Roasted eggplant and mushroom stack with pureed parsnip in french onion broth and basil 22/08/11

Day 21 Chilli & Lime Raw Chocolate 22/08/11

Ingredients of Raw Chocolate

Ingredients of Raw Chocolate

Day 21 complete

Only 344 to go!

Bubbles of Love from us to you!

Chizelle and Candice

So, what do you think ?

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