Are You aligned to You?

You may be aligned with your goals and on track to achieve everything you set out to do.⠀
You may feel you must be in alignment because you’re doing what you said you would do (til death do us part).⠀
You may be in aligned to your company’s goals and guidelines.⠀

But are you aligned to YOU?⠀

Are you doing what’s right for you, now. The you that you are today?⠀
Are you asking yourself, What do I need to do today? ⠀
Rather than pushing through the very clear signs that you need to be somewhere else, doing something else, being some other way.⠀
Are you taking aligned action? Or just action?⠀

At some point if we don’t start doing what’s right for us, we fade away.⠀
At some point if we don’t start asking the person we are today what she really wants and taking care of her, we become less of us.⠀
We begin to feel empty.⠀
We begin to be tired more and more.⠀
We begin to be lonely in a room with people.⠀
We begin to lose ourselves.⠀

And then what good were the actions we took because we thought we “should”? ⠀
And then what good are we to anyone else?⠀
And then what good are we to ourselves? To the world?⠀

When are you going to start aligning to you?⠀


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