You work hard at the life you’ve created, but sometimes, in the quiet moments, it can feel like something’s missing…

1475727149212Your alarm goes off on your bedside table… You roll over & switch it off. You lay there for a moment, in silence, while you slowly open your eyes and listen to the voice in your head saying “Here we go again…”

What is today going to bring? You are pretty happy with how things are going, but you feel a coat of heaviness laying over you… you’re not quite 100% there yet – but you’re not sure how to fix it either. 

You can’t wait for the day to wake up feeling light… not faking it, but really feeling it. That real light happiness that everyone talks about.

Then you laugh to yourself as daydreaming is the closest thing you have to that right now. You look up at the ceiling and wonder what would happen if you could focus and only put energy into what you loved… instead of everything else like your to-do list, pleasing your boss, running your business, looking after the kids, keeping your man happy, making sure the dog is fed, remembering to call your girlfriends back and visiting your parents on the weekend.




you-are-enoughI created the 42 Daily Questions To Self program because I believe that from an early age girls are taught to put everyone else first, to stay small, whether it be obviously or subtly. We then grow up, and for most of us, we continue in this pattern putting everyone else’s needs before our own.

…and even worse, many women don’t even notice they’re doing it, as it has become second nature.

My FREE  Program invites you to look within and discover and remind yourself what it is that makes us feel good, what it is that inspires you, what it is that brings YOU joy.

How else will you be able to live the life of your dreams if you don’t know what you want or how you want to feel…


How It Works & What You Receive…

This program has been created to focus on Your Pleasure.

It will assist you to take back responsibility for our own Pleasure and to be totally committed to it.

The purpose, plan, dream and vision for this gift to you is to help you really get it… and I mean get it through every cell of your body that Pleasure is actually the core purposes in life. To embody your Pleasure, to prioritise it and focus on it is all we need to do and the rest will flow.


Chizelle xx

Once you sign up you well receive the following from me with so much love:

#1 Daily Emails. For 42 Days you will receive an email with a question to answer. This email will prompt you to bring ritual and make time to focus on your pleasure.

#2 Group Support. You are not alone! If you need accountability, would like to connect with others who are also working through the program, and you would like to connect with me during your journey – I have a Facebook support group Soul Sisters Collective for you to join!


I found this exercise of 42 questions very beneficial in many ways! I was also surprised and not so at what came up for me by simply reading the questions.

Emotions were triggered, I gained more clarity and insight and after perusing the questions a second time I have decided to do this again to see where I am right now.

I highly recommend and thank you Chizelle I found this to be a tool I can refer to when I am feeling a bit out of whack, overwhelmed or needing some clarity. 

~ Julie


I want you to remember those times when you experience the type of Pleasure where your body became alive. 

Whether it be savouring your chocolate mousse as it explodes in your mouth or smelling an aroma especially created for you that transports you to your highest self. I want you to not only remember this, but to do whatever it takes to experience this daily and to make your decisions from this place.

I know when I’m fully embodying my Pleasure when I feel a throbbing sensation in my body. It comes once I have indulged my senses fully. Embodying this, I come into my business on a different level, I serve my clients better, I’m more fun to be around and my energy affects everyone and everything around me.

We’ve been told on so many levels that Pleasure is a luxury and from one women to another… it’s not!
It is essential that your life, your relationships, your work, your health and your finances are all inclusive of pleasure.

The price that you can pay if you don’t focus on Pleasure is too high, not just for yourself but for those around you.

If you are not experiencing Pleasure in your life that is lit up, loving, and embraces the sensual and creative woman that you are – the result is…  stress, tiredness and feeling cranky. You may feel like a rotten friend because you’re too caught up in the rubbish that you cancel on her, or turn up but don’t show up. Perhaps your clients get a watered down version of your work, or you even start to resent them. Or perhaps at your job, or as a mother, you have so much going on in your head and so much ‘to do’ that no one experiences the best of you… not even those you love the most.


It’s time to understand that the price of perfume, a beautiful meal, or time spent at a Day Spa is SO much less than the price you will pay if you’re unable to experience deep Pleasure from within on a daily basis.

This type of pleasure is priceless.

~ Chizelle ~

marikowebsiteChizelle has a unique perspective on joy, and has a profound understanding of living for pleasure. All her questions are centered around fun – on the surface looks like a non-invasive question, but become more profound as you explore it in more detail. I enjoyed answering the daily questions and got to know myself a bit more.

~ Mariko




Women need women.

We thrive once we allow ourselves the vulnerability of showing up, sharing ourselves supporting each other and generally reminding each other just how fabulous we all are.

I wanted to have a group of women that would encourage and support us all to embrace our divineness, our femininity and our greatness – yes I said it, our greatness, but that’s not the way I experienced life.

I never had many girlfriends growing up, I tended to have male friends, they seemed less complicated, more accepting, definitely less drama than what I had experienced with girls.

As much as I loved my male friends though, something was missing.

I couldn’t put my finger on it but there was a emptiness in my life that I just couldn’t fill, a lonlieness no matter how great things were.

Then I found myself a Mentor who taught me about the Power of Women coming together, she taught me to be vulnerable and safe, she shared a circle of women with me who showed me such kindness, such generosity, such raw vulnerability and such love that all at once I KNEW what I needed to do – I needed to create and empower women to create more circles of women.

With that Circle of Women around me, my whole life improved, my marriage, my business, being a mama, it all shifted. When we have a circle of women around us that show up and shine, WE show up and shine.

And through that we give even more women permission to show up and shine.

The ripple effect reaches so much further than you will ever know.

I created this for me as much as for you.

I wanted to create a space to ONLY share our greatness, and to hold each other in our highest esteem.

I want to hear YOU boast about yourself, I want to hear YOU own your fabulousness.

Know how to make the best raw vegan cheesecake in the world?
Tell me about it.

Rocking motherhood with your negotiation skills?
Teach us!

Having mind-blowing sex with your partner?
Bring it on!

I want to know what YOU love about yourself.

Do you love your bum and the way it wiggles when you walk?
Share it.

Fall in love with your eyes when you allow yourself to fall into them?
Me too!

Love that you’re always available when a friend calls?
I want you on my team!

The more you share, the more you show up, the more you prioritise YOUR pleasure, the more permission you give to the rest of us to love and adore ourselves, and YOU!
Let us love you, let us celebrate you, let us encourage, inspire and call to our highest selves through the bonds of Sisterhood.




Commit to enhancing your Pleasure by joining my

FREE 6 Week Program today!





Hi! I’m Chizelle,

So great to have you here & first off, I’d love you to congratulate yourself for taking the first step in even contemplating the question: How can I feel more pleasure in my life?

I worked as a health coach for many years, and during this time it was so apparent to me that many of my clients were wanting to loose weight to ‘feel good’, however just dropping the weight wasn’t going to do it… the pleasure had to come from within.

I mentor and hold space for women, like you, to see just how beautiful you are and that you’re already more than enough. You deserve all the pleasure in the world and you can create this in all areas of your life.

Work with Me

How often is it, that one area of your life is amazing, and the other areas of your life feel like they are being dragged through mud or perhaps even non-existent?

It’s my role in this world to assist women to help them bring more pleasure into ALL areas of their life:

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Finances

… do you know why? Because it’s all connected.

The pleasure you find in your relationships will have a ripple effect on your career, health and finances, the pleasure you receive from feeling healthy and beautiful within yourself will effect your finances, relationships and career. When you are super in alignment and feel only pleasure about your career/purpose it will effect your finances, relationships and your health… do you see what I’m getting at here?

For most, pleasure is experienced in one or two areas of life and even then it can be short lived as self-sabotaging behaviour starts to kick in, I mean why should you have it all?… as soon as you start questioning yourself like this, what at first felt pleasurable can start to disappear.

Your world can be shifted to a whole new way of operating, just from you focusing on your pleasure levels in every areas of your life.

Chizelle is such a beautiful & intuitive Soul, who really has her heart devoted to helping women achieve & live their happiness. You will know this from when you first meet her. her coaching has helped me to clarify what I really wanted – from the heart, not just from a space of desiring superficial things. She helped me define my vision & purpose so I could get back on the right track to feeling inspired when I was feeling stuck in the daily grind. After each session Chizelle gave me a short list of actions to take and we created a follow up plan to help keep me accountable, more effective & inspired.

I highly recommend Chizelle’s coaching, and think I’m very luck to know her.

~ Bec

Ask yourself the question…

How am I feeling about all the above areas in my life?

What area have you been focusing all your attention on and is that working for you?

avalon-roundChizelle reflects back to me the ideas that bring my heart alive and the ones that feel heavy and like hard work.

Get support. I have a Fun Fairy, Chizelle, who is awesome. She is basically a business consultant/mentor/visioning buddy, and I share my ideas and plans with her, and get her feedback and guidance. She is intuitive and perceptive, and also aligned with living ‘outside the box’ and reflects back to me which ideas bring my heart alive and which ones feel heavy and like hard work. I mean, business does require a lot of time and energy, so you might as well put that time and energy into something that brings your heart alive so you can serve the world from an inspired place. ~ Avalon

Why Work With Me?

As a former health coach and health coach manager, I’m used to leading teams and getting results – for both my private clients and teams I’ve managed. I really enjoyed this work so much and helping people to succeed with their goals, however, I also realised I didn’t want to help people lose weight just for appearance’s sake… because it isn’t actually what makes women happy. I could see that there needed to be another element added to the mix to educate, inspire and empower women to love themselves so much, they can’t help but nurture themselves in ALL areas of their life.

Now, I help my clients achieve their goals and create more of what they want by having fun and focusing on their passions. I hold space for women like you to see just how beautiful you are – and that you’re already more than enough. I help you discover your “whys” and focus on how you want to feel first – so then everything you create is aligned with what you really want.

And most importantly – I want you to know that you don’t have to do it alone. We all need support! Surrounding yourself with people who see you, honour you, and celebrate you, is the key to creating more love, pleasure and FUNancial abundance.


Clarity, Transformation & Focus with Total Embodiment